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Let's get it right from the start, it's not GROUP FITNESS, it's GROUP EXERCISE.  Fitness is the result of the Exercise we do.

GROUP EXERCISE is any organised activity where people work out in a group.  And as we know, has many, many benefits.

GROUPEX came in to existence through a lot of research.  Research that found nothing in our industry that supports GROUP EXERCISE, no business coaches, no experts, no governing body as such that we can turn to in times of need. 

Now don't get us wrong, there is a plethora of "business coaches" out there who all profess their knowledge and expertise is better than the next. There's even several governing bodies these days. YES, they can help your business, YES they can help your Personal Trainers, however can they help you with GROUP EXERCISE?

GROUPEX is "The Place for everything relating to Group Exercise".  We are the place you come to, the one stop shop. 


You'll find all of the following here in one spot:

  • Education - When and where to find the last modules or workshops and when they are on

  • Jobs - Clubs looking for instructors (everything from an ABT Class through to a Les Mills Body Pump class even a club looking for a Personal Trainer or a Boutique Gym looking for a coach)

  • Marketplace - Second Hand Equipment for Sale

  • Podcast - The home of the GROUPEX Podcast with many guest from all over the world

  • News - The latest up to date news relating to Group Exercise

  • Members Area - Where you can network, share ideas and collaborate, as well as keep track of when you certificates are due for renewal

  • Business Coaching - We offer ongoing business support, specifically relating to Group Exercise

  • Supplier Directory - A list of suppliers that sell everything relating to Group Exercise (from stage lighting and sound, to exercise bikes)


il capo (the chief)

Tony Zonato


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l'allenatore (the coach)

Rach Ayre


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piccola signora capo (little lady boss)

Lia Zonato


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