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GROUPEX started as a podcast during COVID-19 lock down in 2020 by host and founder Tony Zonato. It quickly morphed into something more than we ever thought it would and has become the hub for everything relating to group exercise.


The GROUPEX Podcast is one of the most exciting podcasts for everything relating to group exercise. The weekly Australian podcast is hosted by Tony Zonato who chats with guest from all corners of the globe about group exercise.

The podcast has built a reputation of hosting some of the biggest trainers and presenters from the fitness industry.

Unpretentious and unpredictable, The GROUPEX Podcast is on a mission to get group exercise spoken about more often in the right way to ensure everyone understands the true power it brings to our industry.

The GROUPEX Website is the place to come to find everything you need relating to group exercise within the Fitness Industry.  If it's not here yet, it soon will be!

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