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Qualified S-Cycle Beats Rhythm Cycle Instructor

In this 4 day intensive course we teach you how to cycle correctly on any indoor bike and we give you the tools to be able to build your own playlists and rhythm cycle classes. The education adheres to proper training principles and incorporates COACHING + COMMUNICATION OF RHYTHM CYCLE, OHS, safety, correct set up, correct cycling cadence, phrasing, music theory, MINDSET + MOTIVATION and class templates. Cost: $399‍‍

Beats Rhythm Cycle is a class led in a dark room, with rockstar instructors purely on the beat of loud popular music! Choreography, and upper body work (usually with hand weights) mean that this is a full body, sweat-tastic workout. Our 45 minute, immersive GX experience is where mindfulness and high energy meets to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect withyourself.

Music, the beat, sweat and smiles all aid in a feeling of complete presence. The Beats Cycle instructor – a Beyonce, or Freddy Mercury of the cycle world; leads their members through carefully curated playlists, nightclub lighting, and head-banging dance moves to rock their members worlds! It’s a class you won’t forget!

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