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  • What workout data does RUNN report?
    RUNN reports speed, cadence and incline.
  • How do I turn my RUNN on/off?
    You can turn on/off the ANT+ radio in your Runn, but BLE is always advertising at a very low power until it is connected to an app like GymTrakr or Zwift. The right LED indicates if the ANT+ radio is on/off, lit is on and not lit is off. The left LED indicates if BLE is connected or not, lit is connected and not lit is not connected. You can find more information on the LEDs here.
  • What is the current firmware version?
    The current firmware version is 3.5.3
  • Where can I update my RUNN?
    You can update your Runn via our Configurez app. For more information check out this support article: How do I update my Runn firmware?
  • How does RUNN get cadence?
    Runn measures cadence through motion capture which pick up the foot falls and are run through an algorithm to determine cadence.
  • How does RUNN track speed?
    Included with your Runn purchase are sensor strips that are placed on the treadmill belt, and as they pass under your Runn, they are picked up by speed sensors.
  • Where should I mount my RUNN?
    We recommend mounting it towards the back of your treadmill on either side out of the way of you running. Runn knows which side of the treadmill it is on by the sensor strips going by. Make sure that the speed sensors are over the treadmill belt and can pick up the sensor strips as they pass by. You can also mount it at the front of your treadmill!
  • How many sensor stripw should I use?
    You can use one or more! The more sensor strips you have on your treadmill belt, the more often your speed will update. We typically recommend 2-3. They do need to be placed at least 18" apart.
  • Will RUNN connect to wearable devices?
    Yes! Runn can connect to wearable devices like the Garmin Forerunner via ANT+ technology.
  • Does RUNN work with Android devices?
    Yes! Runn connects to your fitness apps on Android devices
  • Can I recalibrate my RUNN to my treadmill?
    Yes! We have another article on our Help Center dedicated entirely to this.
  • Is there a maximum decline or incline that my RUNN reports?
    No! Runn will report as low or high as you adjust your treadmill.
  • How long does it take my RUNN to charge?
    It takes about 1.5 hours to charge fully.
  • How long is the battery life on my RUNN?
    Runn uses about 5% to 6% during a typical 1 hour workout. You can check your battery level via our Configurez app.
  • My speed is spiking, what should I do?
    Try moving your Runn at least 4" to 6" from the end of your treadmill to see if the spiking goes down. If the issue persists, please reach out to us!
  • Can I use my AppleWatch to record a workout with my RUNN?
    Yes! As long as your Runn is on firmware 3.1.8 or newer, you can record workouts with your RUNN through our HEARTBEATZ app. You do need an AppleWatch series 2 or newer.
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