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When it comes to choosing a wireless fitness microphone for your group exercise class, there is no shortage of options.

There are many audio product providers that offer many different types of microphones, so figuring out which is best for you and your fitness class is not always easy.

Fortunately, Fitness Audio is here to help with our guide on the 5 considerations you need to make prior to purchasing your fitness mic.

1. Usage

First things first, you need to consider how often you will use your wireless mic. Most audio providers will offer different microphones for different usage levels.

At Fitness Audio, we have 4 main microphone models - all of which differ in recommended levels of usage:

  • The EMic: For usage of up to 20 classes per week,

  • The Aeromic: For usage of up to 49 classes per week,

  • The Cyclemic: For usage of up to 49 classes per week,

  • The FM41 Solo Instructor Mic: For usage of up to 10 classes per week.

Before you purchase your fitness mic, figure out how often you will need to use it. From here, you can determine which microphone is best for you in terms of your usage.

2. Durability

Investing in a durable, sweatproof microphone is also a must for Fitness Instructors. Before you make your purchase, investigate what features your microphone offers and how resistant to moisture it is. This will help ensure the microphone you get will be able to survive your fitness class.

Look for microphones that have sweat-protected connectors, waterproof capsules, and warranties against sweat damage!

3. Your Class

Another key thing you will need to think about is your class. Not all fitness mics are appropriate for all exercise classes. For example, a wireless mic designed for low-impact activity such as Yoga should not be used in a high-impact class such as HIIT or Spin.

Many manufacturers also offer specific mics for specific classes. At Fitness Audio, we sell Aeromics. These high-usage mics are perfect for high-impact, high-sweat classes. We also sell the Spin Class equivalent - the Cyclemic. The Cyclemic is just like the Aeromic, however it is designed with a j-shape frame that drains sweat away from the face. This is ideal for Spin Instructors as they usually have their heads positioned downwards when teaching.

4. Body Pack VS Headmic Mounted Transmitters

Most wireless mics cannot be used without an audio transmitter. Because of this, you also need to consider the types of transmitter you want for your class.

For fitness use, the two recommended transmitter types are body pack and headmic mounted transmitters . Body pack transmitters are designed to be worn somewhere on the body (we always recommend you wear them in a mic belt). Conversely, headmic mounted transmitters, as the name implies, are worn on the back of your headmic.

Headmic mounted transmitters are great for convenience, however they are also very vulnerable to sweat. Because of this, we only recommend them for less-involved, less-sweaty classes. If you teach Spin or another class where you need to demonstrate high-impact activity, opt for a body pack audio transmitter!

5. Rechargeable VS Disposable Batteries

Last but not least, you need to determine whether to invest in a rechargeable or non-rechargeable audio transmitter. Rechargeable transmitters offer greater convenience and prevent you from needing to have a constant supply of batteries in your studio. You do, however, need to take special care to ensure your transmitter is always charged to avoid running out of power mid-class.

If you’re still unsure about which wireless mic system is best for you, call Fitness Audio. We will be able to help you find the perfect microphone for your fitness class!

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