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BODYPUMP® Training - Campbelltown SA

BODYPUMP® is THE ORIGINAL BARBELL CLASS™, which uses light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, providing a total body workout that burns up to 540 calories. As with all Les Mills programs, they are rigorously tested, in partnership with Penn State University, to ensure they deliver results for your class participants.

Initial Module Training with Les Mills Asia Pacific gives you the tools and techniques to create world-class, life-changing fitness experiences in every class you teach.

During your journey to becoming a master group workout Instructor, you’ll discover talents and strengths you never knew you had, be mentored by the world’s best Instructors, and receive regular education and resources.

Before you enrol, be sure you understand the entire Instructor training journey and Club Endorsement.

DATE: 14th & 15th October, 17th December 2023

VENUE: ARC Campbelltown - Adelaide SA


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