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Cardiosport appoint GROUPEX 

Cardiosport appoint GROUPEX to distribute group fitness bike products in Australia.

Hampshire, United Kingdom. April 4th 2024. Cardiosport announces a new partnership with GROUPEX to distribute group fitness bike products in Australia.

Cardiosport offers a purpose built gym bike console designed to fit any bike and connect with 3rd party sensors and group fitness platforms. Partnering with GROUPEX, allows Cardiosport to reach new customers in gyms, cycling boutiques, health clubs and home users across Australia.

‘We’re very excited to partner with GROUPEX to distribute Cardiosport bike consoles to gym operators across Australia. Tony and his colleagues have built a vast network and understand the technical challenges of connected fitness equipment. They’re the perfect partner to offer sales and technical support to customers.’ James MacGregor, Cardiosport.

The Cardiosport gym bike consoles are designed specifically for the gym environment. With a tough LCD back light display, water, sweat and washing detergent resistance. With up to 2 years battery life and compatibility with most popular gym bike brands, the consoles are a favourite for gym operators and users worldwide.

‘We’re absolutely delighted that Cardiosport reached out with this partnership offer. It’s an exciting opportunity to distribute Cardiosport bike consoles to gym operators across Australia and aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide the Australian market with the latest and most advanced solutions and information. We look forward to a successful partnership.’ Exclaims Tony Zonato, reflecting on the enthusiasm shared by the entire team.

Cardiosport is a leading OEM in the sports technology and healthcare industry, offering a wide range of sports electronics, including heart rate monitors, gym bike computers, bike sensors and embedded sensor systems.


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