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Wireless mic systems have taken the fitness world by storm. They’ve transformed the game when it comes to instructing group fitness classes, allowing for a much more positive class experience for both the students and the Fitness Instructor.

What exactly are wireless microphone systems, though? And how do they work? Read on for Fitness Audio’s complete guide to wireless fitness mics.

What Are Wireless Microphones?

As the name suggests, wireless microphones (or cordless microphones) are microphones that do not require a physical cable connecting it to the sound recording or amplifying equipment it is being used with.

Their simple, wire-free design makes them a popular choice for many industries, particularly the fitness industry. As Group Fitness Instructors need to move around and demonstrate various physical exercises, having a wire-free mic allows for greater freedom to move around and prevents tripping over or getting caught in cables. Bonus points if it’s a sweat-protected fitness microphone!

How Do Wireless Microphones Work?

A wireless mic system consists of three main components: the microphone, the transmitter, and the receiver.

The microphone’s job is to capture the Group Exercise Instructor’s voice and convert the sound waves into an electrical signal that is sent to the mic transmitter. From here, the transmitter transmits the audio signal through a specific radio frequency to the receiver. The receiver receives this radio frequency and converts it back into an audio signal that can be played out through the speakers.

Although this may seem simple enough, there are more details and complexities to wireless mic systems, so we do recommend you talk to the Fitness Audio team before you get one. We’ll be able to advise you on what type of wireless microphone system is best for your gym and make sure that all your equipment is compatible before you make your purchase.

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