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Ignite Fitness Business is an exclusive event in Melbourne tailored for fitness club owners, suppliers, franchisors, and trainers. It's a gathering that caters to anyone with a drive to establish a more impactful and profitable business or embark on a new entrepreneurial journey.

The event boasts a lineup of influential keynote speakers who will grace the stage throughout the day. Their wisdom and insights will not only leave you motivated but also equipped with practical advice, proven techniques, effective strategies, and insider knowledge that these seasoned industry experts are eager to share.

An integral feature of IGNITE is the Roundtables segment, meticulously designed to provide concise yet valuable information in a swift twenty-five-minute format. Esteemed fitness business professionals will host these roundtable discussions, focusing on crucial aspects such as human resources, sales, customer retention, social media video marketing, and the foundational components of fitness and business innovation.

At each roundtable, a small group of eight to ten delegates will gather, fostering an environment conducive to interactive learning. After each session, delegates will transition to the next roundtable, ensuring exposure to a diverse array of business education. This arrangement is particularly beneficial in the wake of the post-COVID-19 landscape, as business owners seek robust resources to navigate the evolving business terrain.

Past attendees of Ignite Fitness Business unanimously concur that the event's collaborative atmosphere and shared objectives generate tangible outcomes. The power of uniting with like-minded individuals under a common agenda has consistently translated into tangible results- a sentiment echoed by those who have previously participated in Ignite.

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