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There’s been quite a buzz about town, with Nike announcing that they are opening a network of boutique fitness studios in partnership with FitLab. With the first location, Los Angeles, set to open later in 2023, the studio concept will feature Nike Training Studios, focusing on functional strength training and Nike Running Studios, providing a focus on endurance workouts.

Why is Nike getting into the gym space?

With the high competition among gyms and fitness centres, one has to ask why Nike has decided to enter this space, when they already have such a strong foothold in the apparel world. Nike launched their online Nike Training Club in December 2022, which is a comparable offering to Peloton, or lululemon Studio, in that is has a large number of subscribers and popular instructors with loyal followings.

Peloton has physical studios in both London and New York, and lululemon have included boutique workout spaces in to some of their stores as well, so dipping a toe into the gym offering is obviously alluring to fitness industry brands that have previously been driving in a different lane.

Nike’s “next generation of group fitness”, appears to be the next evolution of its virtual workout product, creating in-person workouts, supported by a digital app for at-home workouts and a connected community.

How much will it cost to be a member of Nike Fitness Studios?

According to Retail Dive, Nike are currently offering an unlimited workout membership for the attractive cost of only $99US per month. This is a special offer for founding members, who are required to pay a deposit to reserve their foundation membership.

Once open, Nike intends to offer both ‘drop-in’ rates and unlimited monthly workout memberships, but have indicated that tiered prices may vary depending on the location. Once enough locations are live, there are plans to introduce a nation-wide “all-access” style membership option.

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