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The 100th Release of the world's favourite indoor cycling program - LES MILLS RPM® - has been celebrated with participants from all over the world experiencing this milestone workout in-person at Carriageworks in Sydney and globally via live-stream.

On Sunday 12 November, 1,050 indoor cycling enthusiasts joined a 22-strong team of passionate RPM Trainers and Presenters from Les Mills Asia Pacific, who took to the stage across six different Masterclasses, alongside RPM Program Director Glen Ostergaard, Sarah Ostergaard, and former International Master Trainer, Lee Smith.

The day comprised of six different Masterclasses - four RPM 100 workouts, and two 'Best of RPM' sessions. The 'Best of RPM' classes used unique playlists that were created based on tracks that Instructors nominated as their favourites, from within the past 100 Releases.

Six hundred people attended the six Masterclasses in person, with an additional 450 participants from all over the globe, who logged on in the wee hours of the day and night to catch the 3pm (AEDT) session that was live-streamed. Participants took to social media to proclaim their joy at having been able to take part from their own homes, sometimes irrespective of a very early or late local start time. Cheryl Keating was one such person.She wrote, 'the live-stream was absolutely flawless, thank you so much for enabling us to join you for this special celebration". Wendy Altinors agreed, writing 'Amazing to join everyone for RPM 100 at 4am in the UK. Worth every second', while Kim Stocks wrote, 'Absolutely amazing experience. I couldn't have loved it more. I didn't want my two classes to end. I'm so thankful to all involved for making this happen. Thanks BODY BIKE and LMAP and all the presenters and back up crew from the bottom of my heart'.

"The 100th Release of RPM means that people have been falling in love with fitness via this program, for 25 years," explains Ryan Hogan, Chief Executive Officer at Les Mills Asia Pacific. "So, every three months,for 25 years, we've released a new RPM workout for Instructors, Club Partners and members. That's 100 workouts' worth of scientific research, sensational music, choreography, and Masterclass video production (which are used by Instructors to help them learn the Quarterly Releases!"

"RPM 100 is major milestone," Ryan adds. "We wanted to deliver a celebratory event that delivered a premium riding experience, and which reflected a shared commitment to excellence, innovation and environmental mindfulness. And that's why we partnered with BODY BIKE Asia Pacific."

"BODY BIKE is a leading manufacturer of indoor bikes, with an impeccable reputation for exceptional performance, durability and quality. For the ultimate riding experience, we provided the event with 100 BODY BIKE SMART®+ indoor bikes," said Tony Zonato, General Manager of Operations and Sales at BODY BIKE Asia Pacific. "These bikes always provide a smooth and authentic cycling experience, replicating the feel of riding on the open road. They're a top-of-the-line bike, chosen by leading clubs who seek the precision and reliability that enables Instructors to lead their classes with confidence, knowing that they have the best tools at their disposal."

"What's more, the forest green, ocean blue models, which were part of the RPM 100 event, have our sustainable bike covers that are made from recycled plastic. In fact, every bike in the Oceanix collection has over 50% of its weight made from recycled product, as the flywheel and crank assembly are made from recycled steel.It's a really cool bike, and one of the most environmentally conscious on the planet!"

"Les Mills Asia Pacific and BODY BIKE Asia Pacific put together a flawless production, and I'm so thankful for them allowing me the opportunity to share my love for this incredible program with so many people all over the world," Sarah added. "To everyone who joined us at Carriageworks in Sydney or via the live-stream, THANK YOU!"

To find a nearby RPM®class, click here or if you'd like to become an RPM Instructor click here.

Clubs that want to reapthe benefits of offering RPM to members, or who have RPM but would like help organising an RPM 100 launchevent, should contact their local Business Partnership Manager in Australia or Southeast Asia.


Les Mills is the global leader in group fitness, and the creator of over 25 programs available in leading fitness facilities around the world. These include Signature Les Mills programs such as the world's first group exercise resistance training workout BODYPUMP®, BODYCOMBAT® (martial arts), RPM® (indoor cycling), BODYBALANCE® (yoga), LES MILLS GRIT® (30-minute high-intensity interval training) and the revolutionary immersive cycle experience, THE TRIP®. Each Signature workout is refreshed and updated with new choreography and music every three months.

Recently, Les Mills Asia Pacific also launched the brand-new Limited Edition Collection workouts, which includes LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT™ (progressive weights-based resistance training) and LES MILLS SHAPES™ (a challenging fusion of Pilates, barre and power yoga).

The company was founded by Les Mills - a four-time Olympian and head coach of New Zealand's track and field team - who opened his first gym in 1968 with the aim of taking elite sports training to the masses. Today, Les Mills workouts are delivered by 130,000 certified instructors in 21,000clubs across 100 countries, as well as via the LES MILLS+ streaming platform and Extended Reality (XR).

Les Mills Asia Pacific offers the Ultimate Group Fitness Solution to keep members connected to your club, and to reach new audiences with omni-channel fitness solutions. For 25+ years, Les Mills Asia Pacific has been providing group fitness and team training solutions in Australia and Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Maldives, Guam, Laos and Papua New Guinea.

To learn more about Les Mills Asia Pacific visit or followLes Mills Asia Pacific on: Facebook: @LesMillsAsiaPacific I lnstagram: @lesmillsasiapacific I Linkedln: @les-mills-asia-pacific. Watch the Les Mills story.


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