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Sydney, Australia - January 31, 2024 – North Pole Engineering, a global leader in sports and fitness technology solutions, proudly announces a strategic partnership with GROUPEX, appointing them as the exclusive distributor for North Pole Engineering products and solutions in Australia.


This collaboration represents a significant step in fortifying North Pole Engineering's footprint in the Pacific region, providing Australian athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and professionals with enhanced access to state-of-the-art sensor technology and cutting-edge data analytics.


Key Highlights of the Partnership


Distribution Network Strength

Leveraging GROUPEX's renowned expertise and established network in Australia, the partnership aims to expand the distribution of North Pole Engineering's products across the country.


Localized Support and Service

With GROUPEX as the exclusive distributor, customers in Australia can expect dedicated local support and service, ensuring a seamless experience from product acquisition to ongoing assistance.


Market-Specific Initiatives

The collaboration facilitates joint efforts in developing market-specific initiatives tailored to the unique needs and preferences of the Australian sports and fitness community.


Education and Training Programs

North Pole Engineering and GROUPEX will collaborate on educational resources and training programs, empowering users to maximize the potential of advanced sensor technology and analytics solutions.


"We are thrilled to appoint GROUPEX as our exclusive distributor in Australia," said Daniel Stallings, Director of Marketing & Business Development at North Pole Engineering. "Their extensive experience and commitment to excellence make them the ideal partner to bring our innovative sports and fitness technology to a broader audience in the region."


Tony Zonato, Owner and Founder of GROUPEX, expressed enthusiasm, stating, "GROUPEX is honoured to be chosen as the exclusive distributor for North Pole Engineering in Australia. This collaboration aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide the Australian market with the latest and most advanced solutions and information. We look forward to a successful partnership."


For inquiries regarding North Pole Engineering products in Australia, please contact:



About North Pole Engineering

North Pole Engineering specializes in providing technology solutions for the sports and fitness industry, focusing on sensor technology and data analytics. Known for their innovative products, they leverage sensor data to enhance performance analysis, training, and other aspects of sports and fitness.



GROUPEX, originally a podcast, has evolved into the central hub for group exercise. From regular podcasts and radio shows to a comprehensive directory for gym equipment suppliers in Australia, GROUPEX is renowned for its straightforward approach in sharing information and products within the fitness industry.


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