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The innovative World Gym chain in Queensland made fitness history in September, when they became the first Australian-based clubs to host LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT™ Instructor Training.

“The members love LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT because it offers progression, it is controlled, heavy and slow, and its different from the regular Les Mills classes – it’s more like our functional classes, which are extremely popular among our members,” says Joely Davie, Group X Manager for World Gym, who recently launched this innovative workout in October, via its Coomera, Burleigh, and Ashmore locations.

“LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT is an innovative approach to group training designed to meet members’ demands, including those from Gen Z, for highly motivating fitness experiences that bring results, strength and empowerment,” explains Ryan Hogan, Chief Executive Officer at Les Mills Asia Pacific. “LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT is a set of 12 progressive 45-minute strength workouts, with no additional workouts planned for future release.”

“LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT appeals to World Gym because strength training is really what we are signified with, and everyone now wants to train weights,” says Joely. “The program is a breath of fresh air in the group fitness room because members can do the movements in their own time; there’s cool music; it’s all very well thought out.”

In terms of adding LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT to the timetable, Joley says,“I’ve put LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT in some of the slots where BODYPUMP® was, to give members a taste of this new group fitness training. I am treating LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT like a completely different program to BODYPUMP, so that means we may alternate nights between the two. I guess time will tell how it affects the BODYPUMP classes and where it best sits in the timetable. We will offer each workout for two weeks at a time, like they do in New Zealand, as this gives members time to get used to the weights and feel confident before moving on to the next progression. We will leave this class permanently on the timetable, same as they do

in the New Zealand clubs.”

“The journey every 12 weeks is also something the members will love; because they’ll know where they are going as well as be able to see where they started from and how far they have progressed – which is always motivating!”

Instructor Training

Josh Farmer (left) and Michael Chidley are the Lead Trainers for LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT in Australia and Southeast Asia

Michael ‘Chids’ Chidley delivered the LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT Instructor training to the World Gym team. He is one of our region’s two Lead Trainers for LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT, having completed the training that was delivered by the program’s Head Trainer from Les Mills UK. “The training was

completed across a couple of online sessions that were hosted in a UK time zone (those 2am starts were brutal!). I am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of this industry first, along with Josh Farmer, who is an absolute legend!” Chids says.

“What I love about LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT is that it takes the member experience to the next level with a progressive strength training focus. It also brings the personal trainer/coach vibe to the group exercise studio.”

“There are a lot of reasons why Instructors will love teaching this program. Firstly, it's a simple workout plan so it’s easy to learn; and it's designed to work off the beat of the music by using bells and beeps to start and stop the working sets, and to indicate rest.”

“As the coach, you’ll demonstrate and deliver tempo and rep ranges to increase the challenge and bring the spicy vibes to specific exercises, for those participants who are ready for it.”

Chids says, that clubs who add LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT to their timetable will reap benefits around “Attention and retention!”

“It's a great addition to the timetable as it injects something new and fresh for 12 weeks at a time. Or, it can be added as a permanent fixture among other Les Mills’ signature programs,” Ryan adds.

In terms of the training, clubs will welcome the speed at which they can have their Instructors trained and classes being rolled out.

“The one-day certification pathway to become a LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT Instructor occurs online, ensuring maximum flexibility and convenience. You'll complete half a day of online Trainer-facilitated training, and half a day of self-directed practise, plus filming and submission of an assessment video,”

explains Chids.

“As a LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT Instructor, we focus on Smart Coaching, which is making sure that everything we say has purpose – this includes what we say, how we say it and why we are saying it. We utilise floor coaching to elevate the performance and results our participants receive from the progressive workout structure. We also teach our members how to find a neutral spine at the beginning of each class, which supports them in their goal to work towards their ‘max weight’ (meaning, we want to give them a point to refer back to throughout the workout). Doing so helps to ensure great technique, which is especially important when they’re dealing with loads that they are heavier than they may normally be used to.”

“The Instructor training process was short, informative and easy to get started because all of the people who were trained for us, were already Les Mills Instructors in multiple programs.”

“From my experience, members love the slower and more controlled feel of this workout because they feel they can truly challenge themselves with their weight selection, whilst also working at their own pace. LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT empowers everyone to feel capable, strong, and successful. I love it!” concludes Chids.

“The members are absolutely loving LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT,” Joely adds. “They actually feel like they are strength training rather than just doing a group fitness class. We’ve also received great feedback about the cool music! I’m super glad we ordered the extra 7.5kg and 10kg weights, although I think we may even need to order more over time.”

Fitness facilities, clubs or studios interested in offering LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT to members should contact their local Business Partnership Manager in Australia or Southeast Asia.

If you or someone you know are interested in becoming a LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT Instructor, reach out to your Group Fitness or Club Manager to express your interest in training.

LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT is the first of two new programs launched by Les Mills Asia Pacific, as part of its Limited Edition Collection. The second program is LES MILLS SHAPES™, which is designed to attract movers of all ages including Gen Z. It’s a Pilates and power yoga-inspired workout that sculpts and strengthens the body through small, controlled movements. Contact your local Business Partnership Manager

to find out more about Limited Edition Collection workouts.

World Gym photos by Melody Rachel Photography


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