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The WASP-PoE4 is a 4 radio, PoE ANT+ and Bluetooth sensor data bridge for fitness facilities of all sizes and is ideal for use in a wired Ethernet facility to provide complete coverage of BLE/ANT+ sensor data coming from groups of people or groups of devices.. The WASP-PoE4 receives data from standard ANT+ fitness profiles as well as advertising data from Bluetooth Low Energy fitness devices and transmits the data via your ethernet network to your central monitoring station, leaderboard, or software system. 

  • Specs


    WASP-PoE4 is a four radio N550 bridge for sensor devices to communicate through Ethernet networks  to other devices or over the Internet.  WASP-PoE4 provides a data gateway for monitoring, recording and analyzing ANT data remotely.  This four radio bridge allows for simultaneous management of multiple sensor protocols (ANT+/ANT/BLE). Standard radio configuration (ANT+/ANT+/BLE/ANT+).  If you would like a different configuration, please make a note when you order.

    • Concurrent Communication with 60+ Sensors
    • Distributed collection and control throughout a facility
    • Bi-Directional sensor communication and control
    • ANT/ANT+/ANT-FS/BLE compatible
    • Simultaneous traffic management from various combinations of Bluetooth Smart and ANT protocols
    • Point-to-point and multicast streaming
    • OEM Access to packet protocol and API Library
    • Mounts in a standard J-Box installation
  • Support


    If you have a question or technical issue and need some assistance, our technical support team is ready to help.


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