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A STATE OF RIDE (ASOR) is an immersive indoor cycling programme delivered weekly as an online masterclass to a global community of participants. It's also a pre-choreographed programme that instructors can sign up to be affiliated with.


Each workout is expertly designed to take you on an athletic, cycling fitness journey of climbs, sprints, races and attacks as you ride your way to your training peak, all set to an inspired and inspiring blend of music to take you on a new training experience.

XP is a 30min High Intensity, Express indoor cycle program that uses music to drive a workout developed for improving performance of athletic Speed, Power & Strength.

ENDURO is a 75min high performance extension of the RIDE program. Challenge your fitness & take your training to the next level with this athletically inspired workout that will take you out of your comfort zone, and reward you with a new standard of fitness.

0438 775 051

North Rocks NSW, Australia

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