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27 July 2024



Fitness First - QV Platinum

03 8665 4000


Lonsdale St & Russell Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia


Advanced Training is a two-day workshop and is available in both online and live event formats.

This course is all about you! There is no “right or wrong” on this training. Rather, the focus is on you and your personal journey as an Instructor. On this course – YOU set the standard. The secret to finding your next level is within you – and your Trainer will assist and guide your development.

You will have lots of time for reflection and self-assessment. You will present tracks, reflect, develop, watch videos, and gain incredible insights into how to deliver the experience in your classes. At the end of the training, you will be given an advanced training development plan, to achieve your personal goals. You will also have the opportunity to submit a Grade Review assessment video. This will be reviewed to give you your personal grades against each of the 5 key elements. The Grade Review includes feedback with a development plan, and your corresponding level.

Instructors are allocated a track prior to the training, which they either present live at the beginning of the face-to-face training or pre-film before the start of the online training. They work with this track over the course of Day 1 to identify how they can integrate the concepts discussed into their teaching.


Here's a list of things we suggest you bring to make the most out of your Initial Training:

  1. Your LES MILLS Release kit (saved on your electronic device)

  2. A pen and paper to jot down notes

  3. An iPod or another device to listen to your assigned tracks

  4. We also recommend bringing a laptop or tablet so you can review your allocated tracks as homework after the first day

    1. To keep yourself fueled and energized throughout the day, pack some fluids and snacks. And don't forget to bring extra clothes as you could be sweating a lot!

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