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#84 - My Fit Pro

In the captivating GROUPEX Podcast episode featuring Tony Zonato as the insightful host and the dynamic Fiona McKenzie, the co-founder of MY FIT PRO, listeners are treated to an illuminating deep dive into the world of fitness innovation. Fiona McKenzie articulately elucidates the essence of MY FIT PRO, a groundbreaking platform that has been revolutionising the fitness industry. With unwavering passion, Fiona details how MY FIT PRO seamlessly merges technology with fitness, offering a comprehensive ecosystem for both fitness professionals and enthusiasts. The episode delves into the platform's multifaceted features, from its user-friendly interface that empowers trainers to create tailored workout regimens, manage client progress, and leverage data-driven insights, to its dynamic community engagement tools that foster motivation and accountability among users. Through this engaging conversation, listeners gain an enriched understanding of MY FIT PRO's pivotal role in shaping the future of fitness, empowering individuals to embark on personalised journeys towards healthier lifestyles.

So grab your favourite beverage, sit back and enjoy the show.

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